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        1, professional training should be carried out. The company hired security must undergo professional training, not only are the basis of the theory of knowledge, but also have professional training in skills, some modern equipment, enough equipment should learn to use, so that the correct solution can solve the problem in the face of the problem, to ensure that people around the safety and property of people safety.


        2, to have a healthy body. This is very important and very basic point, as the saying goes, the body is the capital of the revolution, only the body is good, you can do a good job, wholeheartedly into the work. So before the recruitment of security personnel must ask security personnel to provide their own health proof, even if there is no proof, but also to go to the medical examination, and show to the company.



        3, we should have a good quality. Security personnel should love their work, love the people's motherland, correct working attitude, and face the problems in all kinds of work with correct psychology.


        4, we should have good psychological quality. Do security work, whether in the working time, may have the emergency situation, when you encounter unexpected situations, if the staff does not have a certain psychological quality, must be nervous fear, not prepared, so easy to miss the best time to solve the problem, and the surrounding security could be threatened. Therefore, the psychological quality of security personnel must be good, good psychological quality can face a variety of emergencies, better protection of the surrounding masses.


        The above is the security company to join today's share, you are satisfied with it, welcome to pay attention to our website: http://www.misologist.com and focus on our products, we will provide you with good products, and sincerely willing to establish a partnership with you.


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