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        The early theoretical skills training is necessary for the security guards to enter the team. The preparation of scientific and reasonable training teaching cases, with a flexible and diverse training method, is the primary problem to be considered. The teaching plan emphasizes the combination of theory and practice, and takes the way of centralized training and single soldier assessment.
        The security service company to pay attention to explore and use of talents, understand staff expertise, skills, hobbies, special skills. Only by fully discovering and digging out the potential of talents and giving full play to his role and expertise, can we create a relaxed and just management atmosphere.

        The training project should carry on the basic examination, understand and master the quality of the training, and use the management lever of laziness and laziness at the same time. The routine military skills training and theoretical knowledge training complement each other, and the plan is truly planned and the monthly plan is arranged. At the same time, the simulation exercises for fire fighting and other emergency emergencies are not ignored. Summing up experience from actual combat, we can truly be prepared for trouble. It will improve the overall fighting capacity of the security team and lay a good foundation for the smooth progress of the whole year.
        The recruitment of talents is the primary task of the human resources department of each enterprise, to recruit excellent security guards, first of all, enterprises should be more channels of recruitment, mining high-quality personnel into the enterprise services; secondly, the enterprise benefits should have certain advantages, in the same industry so that it has a certain appeal for talent.
        A good security guard must have good ideological and professional qualities in order to be qualified for this job. The employment and assessment of the security guards should be strictly followed by the standards, and the comprehensive evaluation should be made. The assessment surface should cover the skills, cultural level, Putonghua, and coordination ability. The security officer is directly in touch with the customer, good work attitude, proper language, and enthusiastic service are the yardstick of measuring our management level.
        We are filled with enthusiasm and passion towards work and customers, we are willing to use the hard work and you create a better tomorrow!


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