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        The public security organs must according to the new situation and problems of population management since the reform and opening up, adhere to the principle of current residence management, and the actual population within the jurisdiction of the resident population, including temporary residents and overseas residence in all personnel into the scope of management, comprehensively and accurately grasp the base and basic registration: the situation, establish a sound basis of accounting, to provide services for the prevention and control of crimes.
        To strengthen the management of public security prevention work, realize the virtuous cycle of public order is the government and people from all walks of life expectations; tiebao Hongtai as part of it, has the responsibility and obligation for social harmony and stability, contribute to a modest.

        The security service company affiliated to unswervingly adhere to the "combining, prevention first" principle, vigorously strengthen the public security management and prevention work, and actively promote the comprehensive management of social security and the implementation of the measures, and constantly consolidate and expand the fruits of the struggle, and strive to achieve the social security work within two years, significant progress has been made in the new the goal of.
        First, the full implementation of community policing strategy, further reform and strengthening the public security organs across the country to the full implementation of community policing strategy, and continuously explore new ways of special work and the mass line under the new situation of the combination, gradually establish a community policing mechanism and new community management system adapt to the. It is closely linked with the community security team and the neighborhood committee.
        1, to strengthen the service consciousness, to further enhance the close relations between the police and the community police affinity, improve the community masses of the community police identity (such as community security, community residents and neighborhood committees, property, etc.) to actively support the development of community police community crime prevention work.
        2, according to the actual situation of urban community reform, we should take into account the factors such as the size of the community, the population size and the state of public security, the number of police force and the quality of the police.
        3, we should improve the working mode, fully excavate and utilize the community resources, and build a network of community security prevention and control.
        We are filled with enthusiasm and passion towards work and customers, we are willing to use the hard work and you create a better tomorrow!


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