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        Over the past few years, we have established the goal management responsibility system combined with the tasks and requirements of security work. We have effectively promoted the further development of security work through ISO international certification. However, during the development of security companies, new situations and new problems are emerging. We must have the sense of innovation, strive to explore new ideas and solve new problems. Only in this way, can security work develop steadily.
        "Security" is the lifeline of the security work of the survival and development of the security staff duty, we must be based on their own, dedication, solid work, and earnestly safeguard the safety of customers, the customer safety in the first place, the basic scale customer support and satisfaction, safety as a measure of the merits of the work of each person.

        To maintain good mental state, must implement, seek practical work on, must not engage in formalism, showy, to establish the final say, will be dry, vigorous and resolute, continuous fighting thought. All decisions and deployments of a company must be carried out without any effort. We should not be vague and unable to stop and stop. We must take the following measures and achieve effective results. We really need to implement the written documents and meetings.
        In the work, we must adhere to high standards and strict requirements, to set up and carry forward the "advanced set, see advanced fight spirit". We have put forward clear requirements and standards for the work at all levels, and the departments, teams, classes and security guards are carefully deployed and carried out in accordance with the requirements. However, there are still working on the surface, not deep enough, careless and muddle along phenomenon, affecting the development of the security work.
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