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      When the security guards dress up for service, they should be civilized and dignified and keep their clothes clean and neat. No smoking and drinking, not askew security cap, dressed, smart, sleeves, roll legs, marks, not to wear and fasten the security guard has nothing to do with the identity or mission items, color not dyed hair, wearing jewelry.
      Male security guard can not have long hair, big hair, perm (natural hair except), shaved head or the beard, female guard shall not distribute, heavy makeup, nails and even wear color pantyhose legs.

      Security auxiliary force to maintain social stability and security, are dependent of the masses of people, clothing is the security standard, in order to highlight its momentum, there are very strict requirements on dress, which is to have a certain degree of recognition.
      The cap badge worn on a hat wearing badges in the garment center, shoulder pads, armbands worn on the shirt on his left arm, the security service marks worn on the right chest coat, the security guard employers sign plate coat worn on the left chest.
      A security guard dressed in civilian clothes shall wear a safety service sign on the left chest of the coat, and the security personnel's clothing should not be mixed with casual clothes. When the security guard is not in service, he must not wear a security guard's clothing.
      In the office and dormitory, security cap hanging on the hatstand (crown outward, cap down), or placed in the bed just above the unified bedding.
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