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      Security operations are different from other assignments. This is a special industry, a special period. Because of the particularity of the security operation, security guard, patrol every day, work very hard. To ensure that security personnel have spare time to rest, do not only need to ensure the quality of service, but also care about safety officers, protect the stability of the army and promote a standardized construction of the army.
      Safety homework itself is monotonous and exhausting. If you can't make sure that you have enough time to rest and work for a long time every day, it's easy for the security personnel to feel disgusted with the safety work and affect the stability of the team.

      Security operations are different from other assignments. Security personnel must be gathered in every moment on the alert in case of an emergency, to ensure the safety of service units. If the rest is not good, the mood of homework is low, and it will affect the safety image. If there is a problem in the operation, it can't be found in time, and the consequences will be predictable.
      Some service unit leaders had no understanding of safety, security personnel that have more free time after work, always some security personnel affairs organization. As a security officer, it can only take a lot of time to keep an outstanding relationship with the service department.
      Some management cadres are unreasonable in organizing their work and rest time, improper training methods, too long and carelessness, resulting in physical and mental responsibilities of security personnel, which affects the rest of security personnel.
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